about collagelab

Emerging from the association of Joanne Pouzenc and Philine Schneider, Collagelab was born in 2011 as a collective for research in architecture and urbanism. Transdisciplinary it investigates past and future space strategies as well as on-going developments of the built and non-built ideas, that represent society in time and space. The chosen topics of the research include cultural characteristics, economic developments and political circumstances. Collagelab is grounded in theoretical and practical experiments and the will to discuss and to combine fields of knowledge. The on-going ideas come to life by exhibitions, competitions, workshops and other publications.

Philine Schneider studied architecture at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany and at the I.S.A. St-Luc in Brussels, Belgium and received her diploma in 2010. During her studies she worked in Zurich, Switzerland and Paris, France. As her interest lies in the socio-economic interdepencies of urbanism and politics she attended the post-graduate course of urban studies and curatorial practice of the Bauhaus Foundation in the same year. Since 2010 she is writing articles about architecture and construction on a regular basis for an online magazine. Currently she works as a research assistant in the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. Her latest project was the realisation of a Pop Up Home, a foldable minimal house in summer of 2011, of which the exhibition will soon take place.

Joanne Pouzenc graduated in Architecture at the National Architecture School of Toulouse, in France. Since then, she worked for 7 years for several firms as architect in southern France (Airoldi&Brun / Laurens&Loustau) and in New York (HWKN / Architizer), leading competitions for public buildings to completion. She was also invited professor for 4 years in the Architecture School of Toulouse, responsible for the research workshops in a Master Research program exploring the project-making process by applying it to utopian contradictions. She decided to pursue her researches by joining the post graduate program offered by the Bauhaus Foundation in 2010 in the historical building in which she could experiment both urban research and curatorial practice.


Collagelab is currently seeking for you: to participate in Collagelab, please send a short presentation including your interests and your resume and a sample of your writings / works to joanne@collagelab.org or philine@collagelab.org.

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